Andrew J. Camenga : Steward

Value in Voting

released on facebook November 4, 2016

Like many voters in this election cycle, I have been reticent to engage in conversation. I will vote. I don’t like the two major presidential choices and have not wanted to talk openly about it. But, I have kept on reading, thinking, talking occassionally, and working toward a choice. In this process, I’ve heard over and over and over that it is possible for me to “waste my vote”. That phrase has always struck me as false. But, I had never chosen to slow down and think about why it hits me that way. I decided to contemplate the value of voting and how that value could be wasted. I decided to do it now because I vote tomorrow.Even as I think that it might be wiser to keep my thought to myself, here is the first stab at an imagined monologue on a park bench, a monologue that could never really happen.

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