And Now I Begin

January 18, 2020

I don’t know what will show up in this space.

I’ve had a desire to write—to think in public for a long time. And, the time has come to begin the effort in earnest. I expect it will take me a while to find a voice, a cadence, and a way to write that will make it worth your while to read.

When I say the desire has existed a long time, I mean at least twenty years.

I secured a personal domain ( in 1998. Over the last twenty years, that site has housed a variety of kinds of information. For the first decade, it housed information I was referencing when talking with people. For the next decade, my wife and I used the site to share stories and pictures with our parents and siblings. And then, when we chose other ways to share those stories and pictures, the site became a placeholder.

About the time that was becoming a family blog, I wanted to make sure that I had a space for writing that wasn’t oriented toward stories about children. So, I purchased (this site). While I have had material posted in blog-like ways on the site, almost all of that writing was published somewhere else first—and there was never rhyme or reason to what was published.

So, in late 2019 I cleared the content of blog with the exception of two documents: the statement of belief I wrote for my ordination council and a sermon I preached for the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference meetings in 2014.

And, now I begin.

Without promise of quality or quantity but with the hope that I can eventually learn to write something worth reading …