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September 9, 2020 14:11:31

My first attempt at javascript footnotes is live. It has quite a bit further to go.

I used information from hugo footnotes popup and javascript documentation to pull this together. Time will tell how much more I need to tweak the script.

The basic style was insipired by Five Thirty Eight’s footnote displays.

And, this paragraph contains an example footnote.1 It isn’t here to do all that much, but I do want to try a multiparagraph footnote that contains a link to another document.

  1. This is the first paragraph of the footnote. Normally, you’d find something of interest that doesn’t need to be said in the main document. But, for this trial run, all you’ll find is this.

    Yet, there is a second paragraph. And, you’ll also find a link to the about page of my original website. But, beyond the link, nothing much. ↩︎

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