Andrew J. Camenga : Steward



My primary commitment in life is to Jesus Christ.

I’m also a husband (blessed by a gracious & incredible wife), a father (grateful to God for two delightful daughters), a son (who has seen the love of Christ extended in the mercy my parents showed in those situations), and a brother (who, while being the oldest, has so much to learn from my siblings)—and each relationship brings its own mostly delightful set of commitments with it.

Current Ministry Roles

I’m a member of the German Seventh Day Baptist Church in Salemville, PA. I moved to the area in July of 2015 to serve as pastor of this church.

Beginning with the 2016 summer program, I am the training director for SCSC, a Seventh Day Baptist leadership development program. I’ve been on the training staff since 2008. The program provides college-age young adults with the opportunity to volunteer for summer service in SDB churches and ministries1I was a student in the program in 1990.. SCSC includes, as opportunity and interest allow, students coming form or going to international locations. For a while, the program included Stained Glass.


In December 2014, I stepped out of my 15 years in the role of executive director for the Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education. In that role, I had the opportunity to help plan and organize local and national events. In addition, I presented workshops and seminars in churches across the USA and in Toronto, Canada, across a variety of topics—including teacher training, organizing diaconates, evaluating Sabbath School programs, stewardship, and evangelism.

As that job ended, so did my 10 years of service as as editor-in-chief for the Helping Hand in Bible Study, a quarterly magazine that provides Sabbath School lessons for adults. For the five years prior to that, I was the general editor of the quarterly—recruiting writers, copyediting submissions, and preparing the typeset document for presenation to the printers.

I served on the General Council of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference for 12 years (2000-2012). The General Council is responsible for the overseeing the implementation of Conference program and policy &making recommendations to the Conference about how to further and strengthen our witness for His kingdom.

And, just a little further back in history, I was pastor of the Adams Center, NY, Seventh Day Baptist Church from 1995-1999. The gracious people in that church welcomed me right out of Seminary and let me work through all those things you have to work through as you make the transition from the Academy to the new learning environment that some people affectionately call “Real Life”.


I created my first webpage in 1997, registered my first domain in, and have run a variety websites through the years. I’ve handcrafted HTML and used PmWikiMediaWikiCodeIgniterFlaskBottle, Pelican, and WordPress to drive websites.

The site that started my playing on the web,, is the site where family information tends to be posted (if and when we get around to it, which has not happened recently).

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